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Pops '48 Comics & Collectables LLC is a "family" business going into its third generation of collectors and fans of a variety of retro and commercial items.  Mainly comic books but also some other items in the related fields of pop culture and things from our childhood.  Pops was born in 1948, and Kip & Kris were 48 when they launched this business in honor of Pops.  Refined over decades of friendships by the totally cool Nerd Knights, Pops '48 is a tribute to the originator who instilled the true value of things:

"Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay."

Original Pops and his brother, circa you don't want to know.


Pops '48 Comics & Collectables was established in principle decades ago, with two brothers who enjoyed growing up in the fifties watching cool shows, especially old westerns, like Bonanza and the Twilight Zone.  Establishing themselves as two of the original Nerd Knights, they went on to support future generations with their own hobbies and collections.  Mainly comics from the 1950s to 1990s! 

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